This issue affects all races, social-economic, and is world-wide. Many parents are opting to abandon the traditional education system and are looking at new models.  Administrators are finding it difficult to monitor student behavior and mental health effectively.

  • Lack of Computers
  • Falling Behind
  • Literacy Issues
  • No Internet Access
  • Minimal Funding
  • Asynchronous Work

Nations have responded in shock to the abrupt closing of all schools and isolation of our elderly in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We have not experienced a nationwide or worldwide shut down like this in our lifetimes.  Parents are forced to become teachers overnight, many of whom are facing financial hardship and overwhelm themselves.  Imperative in this time of crisis is to effectively care for educational needs as well as mental and psychological needs of all human beings.  The future of schooling appears unclear as we monitor the progress of the COVID Pandemic.  When will schools open?  Will they close again?  How many times over the next 5 years will students have to receive learning from home?  

We are facing a reality in which some children are being taught by parents who start drinking at 9am and wish that the child were not home. 

At best, we are facing a reality in which parents are struggling to assist their children with their schooling from home.  The Learning Management Systems (LMS) most districts run on are unable to deliver the engagement needed to keep the attention of students as they work from home.  How can educators know with certainty and peace of mind that their students are staying caught up with their studies?

During a crisis, teachers, parents, and students are in need of Social and Emotional Learning more than ever.  There is a need for a single comprehensive solution that addresses distance learning, academic needs, mental health support, and connectivity. 

Education Forever Impacted by Covid-19

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