About Us

Universal Tutor is the first of its kind educational technology social ecosystem for parents, teachers, and their students. While capturing real-time data and analytics from the classroom and at home, the open platform prepares K-12 with skills relevant to their success in the future job market. It uses fun interactive games and modules to teach key Social and Emotional Learning including problem solving, critical thinking, self esteem, goal setting and more.

The system also uses Artificial Intelligence and allows for enhanced monitoring of student behavior acting as a valuable contribution to current challenges with violence in schools. Universal Tutor addresses attendance issues, academic grades, as well as personal life balance and emotional intelligence.

Using science based psychometrics the system populates real time data allowing for more visibility. With this, teachers can easily personalize learning, see barriers, and administrators can monitor and engage from the top down enabling students reach their full potential personally and academically. 

Universal Tutor’s distance learning feature will bring access to education in hundred’s of subjects to current and developing countries around the globe while creating significant jobs and revenue in each region.